Monday, 15 September 2014

It’s Pawtee Time fur Hiro



Todays is Hiro’s 2nd Barkday so it is pawtee time

Wee has Pupcakes


comin outta our ears


Pupcake choicePupcakes

an wee has ooooldes ovs bacons


bacontinis too


mee gotted in speshul doggy beers Yummo


Tacos in honor ovs deer Jazzi


Speshul bacon cheesyburgers in honour ovs our deer Pip


Wee jus nose Jazzi n Pip woods approves.

n wee has treets galore




an jus in case Miss Puddles turns up wee has made speshul plans



Wee finks wee has evryfink covered now all wee needs is Yoo’all to joins us in Sellybratin Hiro pest bein 2 wee can hardliu beeleeve how fast dat times has goned.

So gets yor dancin paws on n hits da floor wivs us


Da disco ball is spinnin, da moosik is blaring so comes on down n boogie wivs us

Happisome 2nd Barkday Hiro

Wee lovs yoo too bits dude





Da Krew


Saturday, 13 September 2014

Flyin Turdles n a Turdle Talea

Dis shoods gets yoo in da mod fur mi likkle tale abouts Miss Pawfect Paws Izzy hoo neva does nuffin nawty .

Da ova day Miss Pawfect Paws wented outs into day gardin, Momster forted her wos goin to catch a few beems cos t wos a nice day wen all ovs a suddin her did come bouncin back in lookin so veri happisome wivs herself . Her did havs somefink in her mouf n Momster forted it wos a stic or somefink like dat so her dids get up to see wots it wos. OMD her gotted a shock…………. Izzy had founded a dried up turdle dat Momster hads missed in a poop patrol bwah ha ha ha !

Izzy hads dropped in da middle ovs da lounge Momster wos nots impressed butted her got rid ovs da nasty ol turdle an tolds Izzy dat hers wos nots to givs ani kisses out at all cos her dids not wonts turdle breff smoochies……….BOL


See mi sista is not always so pawfect n laydeelikes





Da Krew


Friday, 12 September 2014

Fryday Forts

Well its been a funni weeks fur us wee has beened ups n downs , Izzy has been battlin da ebil seizure monsta n so has Momster butts dem both takin it as it comes dem nose it’s jus parts ovs life sadly butts Momster is goin to talk to da vet mans abouts Izzy to see ifs dere is anifink else dem can do to ease dem fur hers.

Poor mee ( Ziggy ) is gettin a baff tonite mee is nots lookin furwards to dat n mee is goin to try n makes da Popster as wets as hims wants to makes mee………bol.

Wee has gots da likkle crikets in out back yard agains dis year fur da furst time in a wile n wee do keeps makin dems jump sometimes wee tries to catch dem butts wee neva manages it dems is clever likkle critters


Mee helped Momster tales dis photy todays mee likes da fakt dis win is pink.

Momster dids gets outs her big bag ovs hooves dis week n wee has so mani ovs dem round da lounge now, some ovs dis is down to Izzy hoo kepted sneekin backs to da bag an snafflin more so hers is our hero furn her burglarizin skills. Moster is gettin feds up keeps sittin on dem  cos wee likes to buri dem on her couch ( donts tell her butts wee finds it so funnisome to wotch her jumps up like somefink bited her butt BOL ).

Wee is all lookin furward to a mjor snuggles fest wivs Popster dis weekends n kickin baks n chillin wivs da famly.Wee hopes yoo all has a sooper weekends too

Mee is goin to leeves yoo wivs dis Fryday Funni Kitty named Ernesto ( pleese excuse hims rude words butts him is flyin high wivs da catnips )




Da Krew


Monday, 8 September 2014


Wee dids gets a extra speshul snugglesome day, our Popster hads wun ovs his ebil bad headaches n coods not go to workys todays so wee got to gets extra snuggle times wivs him witch wos most pawesome. Wee does lovs to snuggles wivs da Popster


Hims is so comfi to lays on as yoo can see


Missi Bean evens dos her doga on hims, fanks dogness our Popster is kewl wivs all dis. Hiro has hims speshul neck snood on cos wens him n Ziggy gets all rambunchus playin Hiro gets terriballs scratches on hims neck da go all scabbified dems him itches at dems wivs his paws n makes dem bleed so Momster makes him neck snoods to protects hims.

Wee is so lookin furwards to getting baks into da swings ovs Bloggin proply nows, butts wee goin to do shorts fun posties till wee catch on on evrifings

So wee is going to leeves yoo wivs a funnisome YooToob Videeooh

Wee lovs dis Dane called Dynky wee finks hims is so funnisome n kewl



Da K Krew

Saturday, 6 September 2014

OH Bless da powas ovs da interwebbies

Fanks to da gurus ats da Aitch Pee fur fixin Rupert our lappytop cos wee is backs again an wee is brevin a mahoosive sigh ovs reeleef cos wee has missed yoo all so muchli.
Wee has missed so much ovs da goins on in bloggiville, wee finks its will takes us a lifetimes to catch ups. Butts da main fing is wee can keeps ups wivs yoo all agains now, wee has lots more time n not so mani iteruppchuns eivver now cos wee has our housey back all toourselves now witch is reelly nice. Wee has our Momster n Popster all to our ownsomes, wee dids share dem nicely butts wee does likes havin to ourselves again..
Momster has all sorts ovs plans hers wants to do wivs da sortin our housey n gardin n hopefully hers will gets all dem done witch wee finks will bee pawesome, hopesfullio wee can spends more time in da gardin next summer cos it will bee all shiny n nu wivs speshul grass dat neva eva needs da horrid skary mowery fing .
On da helaf front me ( Izzy ) is still havin arguments wivs da seizure monsta butts it is a battle mee has lots ovs helps wivs, mi hubster JD is a tower ovs strength to mee n mee jus lovs hims to bits.
Hiro will bee 2 years old on da 15th so dats excitin fur hims and yes hims is still a pesti pupster butts wee lovs him so muchli. Hims is still lookin fur a speshul laydee to givs hims likkle heart to butts wee keeps tellin hims da rite one will come along one day soon.
Missi is fulli better froms her hoperayshun yoo wood neva nose her vea hads anifing rong, her is even more fiesty den befor ifs yoo can beeleeves dat. Her is till steppin out wivs her Darlink Kai .
Ziggy is still a cuddle monsta n hims is still veri much lovin hims laydee Chloe, hims still says him cannot get ova da fact her lovs him back. Silly boy hims is such a sweetie.
and as fur Uji well………… Hims is still havin spot isshues butts Momster dids find some speshul anti itchisome home-ee-oh-pafic stuff fur hims so ats leest hims is nots all itchi. Hims has finally founds a nu laydee furiend, hims waited a long time cos hims missed hims girl April so muchli butts wee tolded hims dats April woods not wants fur hims to bee alone fur eva. So him admired a certain young laydee named Kiki froms da furst time hims sawed her photygraph an yoo will neva guess whats ? Kiki wos in rescue an yoo will neva guess hoo dids adopt hers…………. Well Kiki is da veri proud likkle sista to mi veri own hubster JD DATS RITE her wos adopteds bi Momma Clare, JD and Max, so mi bruvva is datin mi sista-in-fur Kiki

How gawjuss is her tho ? Mee jus nose Miss April will so approve dont’s yoo ?
Aniway wee finks dats us catched up kinda. Wee must goes to snuggles wivs our Popster nows cos hims is goin outs fur da day lata so wee will miss outs on snuggle time
& Da Krew

Wee has jus herds da Very Sads Nus abouts Little Miss Jackie Crossin Da Bridge
Run Free Little Miss J
Pleese go HERE to leeves hers famly some kind words

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Wordless Wensday


4 yeers ago today our pawrents dids gets da sads wen Angel Sista Molly

Nows fur somefing wivs a bot ovs da happis it is us lots wotchin our younga selfs on da lappytops dat is now all fixed agains

Wivs much lovs

Da K Krew