Thursday, 21 August 2014

Pooter Broked

Wee is nots sure wot Moomi dids butts her has broked our nu lappy top !! Its is offs to da mender today's n dem may fix its or sends us annova my lappy top. 
Fank Dogness its still unda warronti is all wee cans say

Lovs Da K Krew
PeeS . Wee dids dis posty on da Ibone wee hopes it works

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Now wee is back

Now wee nose wee sayd wee wos back n den dids not posty anyfing butts wee has had a bits ov a skare. As yoo may or nots nose wee has ben tryin to gets Izzy’s epilepsy stabled befur her wos goin in fur her speshul girly hoperayshun well on Fryday hers wos neerin da ends ovs her seesons n her did havs some nasty icky stuffs leavin her body so Momster foned da vet man hoo sayd brings her in quick smart Izzy’s Mom cos her coods havs pyo-meet-tra . Nows dis dids givs Momster da skari wiggins so her gotted Izzy bossy diva pants ups dere fast n da vet dids sends izzy to hopsital where her has beened since Fryday.

Fankfully Izzy does nots havs da pyo-meetra butts her has somefink called vaj-in-ituss which is not skarisome an her will bee back to her normal bossy, demandful, gawjuss self befur wee nose it butts da bestest news is her can come homes today !!!!!

So Momster is goin to gets her layta todays an brings her home so wee can all sellybraytes Ziggy’s barkday togevva ( it wos yestyday butts Ziggy wanteds to wait til Izzy wos home befur hims sellybrayted cos him sayd it woods not bee a pawty wivsout Izzy ).

So wee will bee a happisome famly again once Izzy is home an wee is all togevva agains.

On a diffrent note here is some photys to make yoo smile, wee is havin a bit ovs a heet wave ere in da Yoo Kay an Momster tooked dese shots ovs Uji in beds dis mornin. Hims has his butt tucked under Momsters pillow nan him is hoggin da bestest fan in da bedroom………… Uji is such a smarty butt

photo 1

photo 2

photo 2 - Copy

Yoo can jus see da fan in da top rite corner………….BOL

Wednesday, 16 July 2014


Wee finely has a pooter again yippeee, so wee will bee back bloggyin agains . Hoawt diggity dawgs wee has missed it soooooo muchly

Friday, 27 June 2014

Saturday, 31 May 2014


Wee has beened veri busi helpin Da Momster makes hers jool-er.ree cos her is gonna starts to do crafy fairs, now wee dont’s nose wot is crafty bouts fairs butts wee nose dat Momster is gettin a likkle skared no ones will but her fings butts wee tolded hers to stops bein stoopids.

Wee has also beened helpin sets ups a likkle online shop fur her online on da Facebark an ere on our bloggy, wee only has a few fings ups at da moments butts dere will bee more soon.

Ere is somes fotys ovs da fings wee has helped makes wivs Momster, dems nots in da store yets butts dem will bee soon



photo 2


Wee has worked our likkle Cresty paws off bein so helpi butts Momster has beened treetin us wivs chook feets n ova yummisome noms so wee doesn’t minds at all.



Da K Krew


Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Wordless Wensday & Goose Pupdate


Missi Bean Has beened Dog Shamed……BOL



Now on a serrius note our furiend Goose is reely poorly an hims n hims famly are in need ovs POTP vibes n prayers.

Dems still nots sure wot is wrongs wivs Goose but da latest pupdate wee sawed on da FaceBark from Goose’s Moms furiend sayd dis :

‘Goose is with Dr. Eddy right now but it is expected that he should be able to go home later today. Anyone who knows Goose knows that he is stressed without his mom so they want to make him less stressed. Dr. Eddy is waiting to get copies of the medical reports from Brookside. There is no diagnosis at this point but Dr. Eddy is optimistic that they can get Goose feeling better. Part of the unknown at this point is whether there is a cancer issue. Goose has lost 4 pounds in the last 3 days (all the while on 4 IV's) and that is cause of concern. He also has lost 12 pounds in past 2 months so Dr. Eddy will be looking into that because with Goose's age anything requiring surgery (anesthesia) would be a problem. Michelle said that Goose was more lively than when she dropped him off on Saturday. So at this point there is still lots of unknown but also lots of hope that things can still improve. Michelle was floored by everyone's care and concern over her boy and is very thankful.’


Wee postin it here cos wee nose nots all ovs yoo has da FaceBark n wee nosedat Goose’s Moms is busisome lookin after hims. Please do go drops dem a line or two cos wee all nose how amazin dat a few furiendly words can helps.

Yoo can finds Goose HERE

Fank yoo


Da K Krew