Saturday, 23 November 2013

Satiday Stuffs

Hey blogville tis Ziggy ere mee has beened outta da house today !!! Now yoo may nots nose dis but wen mee leaves da house mee is skared ovs evryfinf, tree, bushes, cars, bunny rabbits yoo names it mee is afeerd ovs it, ifs anuvver dog comes towards mee den mee is likely to havs a butt sploshun in feer.
Well todays mee went on da rumblesome bus to see da vet laydee, mee dids shake a lot ats da bus stop butts da popster cuddleme close under hims jumper n mee calmed down a bits. Wee all gotted on da bus n mee wos veri good mee dids not cry once. Dere wos a nice laydee on da bus wivs her cup ovs tee n dat made mee feel bettersome cos mee lovs tee n her wos veri sweet n talked to Momster n popster . Wee gotted to da vet place afta 87 miles n mee satted on popsters lap n anuvva dog camed in butts mee dids not grumble at her or bark or anifing at all. Den mi turn came wee wented in ! Da vet laydee wos so nice to mee she wos all calmin n gentle, her looked in mi mouf to see where mi snaggletoof did brake n her said dat dere wos nouffin left in mee gum where it comed out butts dat mee reelly needed mi toofers cleened !!!! Mee havin a likkle hoperayshun !!! Yikes !!! Butts den wee wos all doned n popster tooked mee outside while Momster dids pay n yoo will neva guess wots …………………………………………… wen Momster camed outs her sayd mee had been sooooo brave dats her dids buy  3 new antlers fur mee ( mee always gets more den one cos da ovas always steel dem ) mee wos soooo happisome. Her dids call mee BRAVE n her wos so PROUD ovs mee. Mee lliked da feelin heerin her say dat gave mee. Wee went n got on anuvva rumblesome bus n mee just laid on mi Popster n mee dids not cry or grumble one likkle bits all da way home !
Did is mee on da bus wivs mi Popster
Dis is mi are wee neerli home yet ? look…….BOL
Mee feels veri Happi Happi Happi as Mr Phil froms da duck dinnersty says it. Mee may nots feel like dat on Fursday wen mee goes back to havs mi toofers done tho..


  1. ZIGGY Buddy WE are very VERY much PROUD and Happy about your Brave trip to the Dogtor. You gotted nearly 87 ANTLERS??????? HOLY GWALK A MOLEY bud that is a MAJOR SCORE!!!
    Now there is NOTHING to worry about when you have your teefs cleaned.. It is actually Darned BORING... you will SLEEP Clear through it. THEN when you wake up from the very relaxing NAP... your teefs will be all WHITE and NICE and the girrrrrls of Blogville will all LOVE your SMILE.

  2. No blood stealers and thoothy clean yikes. Ziggy you are very brave and we think you will have the brightest smile in Blogville.
    Have a serene Sunday and get in some big easy today.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Clean teeth are impawtent so you should relax and start planning your bright smile photo! Have a wonderful Sunday!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


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