Thursday, 27 March 2014

Finkin Fursday

Our Momster does nots likes havin her foty taken ats all butts wee has purmisshun to posts dese ones again. Wen Momster wented to da Yoo Ess Ay to see her besty furiend her wos lucki enuff to go visit wivs Miss Sandra. Da Momster says dis wos such a speshul time fur her cos befur blogville n Shelby her wos likes lots ovs hu-peeps n did beeleeve wots her reeded in paper n on da nuws about pibbles.

Shelby, Da Pittie pack n Miss Sandra changed all ovs dat so Momster wos so excitamagated to finalli bee meetin so real life in da fur pibbles n nots jus ani pibbles butts Brinks n Bella !!! Momster hold dis meetin in a speshul place in her heart cos her felled in lovs wivs dem both & wivs pibbles as a hole.  Her beleeves wivs evry bits ovs her heart dat it is bad owners n nots bad dogs n dat evry dog can bee good or bads dependin on da owners dem has. Her will fites wivs all her has against da stereeoo-typin ovs pibbles dats yoo see in da meedia.

Even tho wee is nots allowed pibbles ere in da Yoo Kay witch wee all finks suks big time, wee is always goin to suppawts anti BSL n Momster is most vocals abouts edumactin ova hu-peeps on da gross misreprestentayshun ovs pibble in genral.

As yoo cans imagine Momster wos most heart broked dat Brinksy has crossed da Rainbow Bridge butts her nose is selfish heart brake fur her cos deer Brinksy is nots in ani pain now n hims has beened reunited wivs Da Fearless 5 n all out furiends ats da bridge. Her nose dat Brinksy dids his job ovs settlin Miss Sandra n famly into dere nice nu home befor hims hads to leeve dem. Wee also nose dats all ovs dem is goin to watch ova Famly Gonzalez fur all ovs time .

Butts wee wants to post dese fotys ovs da speshul meetin again becos wee nose how much it dids meen to Momster to meet Brinks n Bella, her says her does not cares ifs her does looks fat or anifink cos her wos jus so happisome to bee dere wivs dem. Her neva washed her shirt her wos wearin so wee coulds smell da pibbles n Mona n Prissy too wen her gotted home n it dids smell most wondyfuls n it hads pibble furs on it too n still has to dis day cos wee not lettet her eva wash eva agains.






















  1. Such wonderful memories of your visit with Brinks and Bella. Those memories will always remain with you.

  2. WE totally REMEMBER when your mum was in the YOU ESSS AY... and SHE and OUR mom gotted to talk on the PHONE.

    You are so right about Brinks... his work HERE was finished... and he was wanting to join our Fearless Five.

    We do not understand WHY some breeds are LOVED and some are FEARed. BUTT the FEARless Five did show EVERYONE that Pitties are SUPER.


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