Friday, 28 March 2014

Wot is Craigs List pleese

Dis linky is fur a Crestie , is Craigs list likes a free online nuwspaper ?

Do yoo finks it is rites fur dawgs or ani anipals to bee putted on dese sorts ovs papers lieks dem is a grass/lawn mowery type fings ?


Hims is a livin breevin creecher likes all ovs us surely our Momster is nots da onli wun woo finks dis is wrongs ?

Our hearts is brakin fur dis likkle guy n wee is prayin hards dat somewun nice n kind n lovin takes hims home


  1. OH BOY>... WE here across the pond are NOT amused by peeps who sell ANY animals through Craig's List.
    There have been some REAL HORROR stories about it.
    Craig's list is a place where you can list any sort of thingys fur sale... Cars Computers lawn Mowers... Furniture... and OH the swindles that have gone on... it is terrible... Here in OUR state of Ohio...there was a Craig's list Advertisement for a JOB as a caretaker for a Farm... it ended up to be FAKE but 3 men DID apply and the CRAZY GUYS who had posted the FAKE JOB... Killed the men...
    Craig's List is AWFUL. WE are not allowed NEAR IT... Not to even LOOK at stuffs.
    We are sad that this poor fella ended up there. Hope nothing bad happens to him.
    CRAIG's LIST is BAD... Not ALWAYS butt MORE times than anybuddy wants. We have a furend that uses it to buy and sell ALL THE TIME... BUTT we think he is NUTTY as a Squirrel tree fur doing it.
    It started out as a GOOD thingy... butt BAD PEEPS started using it and then THAT is what started to happen... BAD STUFFS.

  2. Howdy Mates. We have never heard of this list and by the sounds of it never want to again. We hope the little pup does find a home though. Mr Frankie had some scarey tales about it didn't he, shudder.
    No worries, and love, Stella and Rory


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