Tuesday, 8 January 2013

A Speshul Post bi Ziggy

Today is a most speshul day n mee wantes to make sure da hole world nose it !
Todays is mi Aunti Eileens Barkday, Aunti E is is a veri wondyfuls laydee yoo nose. Woods yoo likes to nose why ? Ovs corse yoo woods.
Aunti E runs da most pawesome Cinque Ports Rescue where mee dids comes from, Aunti E is da hu-peep hoo forts dat Momster n Popster woods ee pawfect to bee mi forster pawrents. Mee finks her dids nose dat dem woods fall head ova heels fur mee n neva wants to lets mee go lives wivs ani one else. Her is such a cleva laydee, her can match up peeps n pups sooo well. Mee n Da pawrents is always goin to suppawts Aunti E n Cinque Ports Rescue. Mi Aunti Eileen is one ovs da most givin, carin, selfless peeps wee nose. Her works so hards ats her green papers job and just as hards ats her Rescue works n bein such a small rescue fund raisin is always needed as well. Last year Momster dids da swimmin fing fur da rescue butts cos her joints is all pants now her coods not do dat dis year so wee is gonna bee doin a FaceBark auction next month. Wee plan to do a fund raisin fing evry year fur dem cos dems does such magnificents works, rite now CPR has lots ovs Cresties in includin 6 pupsters yoo can see dems all HERE. Momster dids finks dats likkle Smeagol was jus da cutest likkle lad butts her is goin to jus enjoys even ifs hims is a cutsey pie.
Ani ways mee woods likes to wish mi veri speshul Aunti Eileen
an mee hopes dats da
Gets as spoiled as her deserves to bee. Mee lovs yoo veri muchly Aunti Eileen, Fank Yoo fur findin mee mi Pawrents n fur all dats yoo does fur all da dogs dats comes into yor tender care. YOO SO ROCK !!!!
Wivs all mi lovs n licks



    How is little Izzy feeling now? We have been worried about her.

  2. Hey Frankie tis mee Izzy, Fank yoo fur gettin worrisome fur mee mi furiend, mee is doin okays still a bits whingy says Moomi butts its gettin mee xtra snuggles so mee does nots mind dats at all.........BOL. Mee is soo luckisome to havs such carin furiends likes yoo n Ernie


  3. Happy birthday Aunt Eli. How is Izzy we too like to know. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Oh Ziggy....we wanna wish your Auntie a big Hap-Pee Barkday too. Just don't let da Momma see dos pups. Her might swim across da pond to get one. And her can't swim!!!

  5. Very Happy Birthday to Auntie E! Hope she has a super day.
    Don't tell anyone, but Mum has fallen in love with Golum on her rescue site - we are glad we live over the pond, LOL.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  6. Ohh Dip Bridge n Elliot wee is in da Yoo Kay da sames as yoo guys ....BOL


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