Thursday, 3 April 2014

Follow on froms our WW posty

As yoo saw wee dids post a speshul photy fur our Wordless Wensday posty.

It wos dis pikture


Dis is da Hungarian Parliment Buildin in Boodapest an guess hoo is goin to go visits Boodapest later dis year ?……………………………………………… OUR MOMSTER is goin wivs her two legger Ben. Dem is goin fur a hole 8 nites away jus dem witch is mega kewl fur Momster cos her does not gets much times wivs her two legger cos hims is so busisomes wivs hims skool works.

Dems is goin to explore dis beeyootifulss city togevva an havs quality time wivs each ova.

BUTTS wot makes it most excitin is dat ASTA livs in Boodapest so hopefully Momster will gets to meet da loverly Asta n her loverly Momma ( wee is gonna send Asta some kewl Yoo Kay dog treets ) wens her is ova dere. Wee is so veri jelly-us ovs dis, Momster gets to meets all our furiends n wee doesn’t butts wee nose dat Momster will bring home somefings dat smells ovs Asta fur us to havs a good sniff at ( her is goods likes dat ).

So how veri excitin is all ovs dat nuws ? Wee is veri muchli excitamagated fur our Momster .


Da K Krew



  1. OH this is the most exciting news....we think meeting our friends on blogville is the greatest gift....what a trip that will be.
    stella rose

  2. How exciting! Sounds fantastic
    Lily & Edward

  3. OMD OMD OMD your MUM and BEN are gonna have an ADVENTURE TOGETHER???? THAT is the most OUTSTANDING NEWS... They will have the bestest of times, we are SURE..
    ESPECIALLY if they get to meet the REAL ASTA... in the Furs... and her Mommie and Daddy TOO!!! OMD THIS is ALL so very much WONDERFUL.
    We are just THRILLED beyond THRILLED... fur your Mum and Ben...


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