Monday, 28 April 2014

Izzy’s Nooz

Well mee dids havs a bit ovs a week last week mee can tells yoo. Toosday nite mee wented to bed rite as rain den on Wensday mee woked up n mi eyeball had goned all hinky n cloudy.

photo (3)

Now da pawrents bein wots dem is were skaredified fur mee so dem mades a appointments wivs da vet laydee. Off wee wented in da aftanoon to see da vet laydee , her dids look in mi eyeball wivs a speshul lookin in eyeballs gizmo n her sayd ‘HMMMMM’ mee hates it wen dem say dat ! ‘It cood bee glue-koma sooo yoo needs to go to da vet hopsital in Ashford to gets Izzy’s eyeball pressure mesured’ Oh oh mee forted dis dont sounds goodly. So off wee wented on anuvva bus n it tooked us 87 hours to get to Ashford ( Momster here it took us 90 minutes not 87 hours ) den no taxi woods take mi royal self froms da bus depot to da vets so more buses n walkin ensued n wee finally gotted dere. Dem tooked mee away to measure mi eyeball den dem sayd to da pawrents ‘ her pressure is low witch is goodly cos dat meens no glue-koma’ dens dem tooked mee away again to die mi eye wen dem camed back wivs mee her dids say ‘butts her has Kerry-tin Yooveeitis’ so mee wos gived eye drops, eye oinkment n medicine too n mee had to go backs on Fryday fur a check. Mee hads a funkisome orange eyeball


see mi funki eye , it is kool dontcha fink ?

Den wee wented bni a nice taxi dat wos happi to takes mi gawjuss self to somefing called a train stayshun, mee neva beened to one ovs dese before butts wee waited fur dis train fing n it comed into da stayshun n Moomi pressed a button to makes da doors open n wee gotted on n sats down it wos ravva nice mee liked it cos it wos nots as noisy or bumpisome as da bus.


Mee wos nots sure abouts its at furst


Butts yoo can see mee dids relaxify n satted all regal likes once mee desided dat trains is WAY better den busses.

So yoo woods fink mi trubbles wos ova den woodent yoo butts noooooo. Wee gotted home n Moomi satted down on da couch n sayd ‘ohhhh wots dis ?’


It is a toofer Moomi is yoo daft dat yoo dont nose dat ?

‘Hmmmm I wonda hoose toofer it is’ says Moomi grabbin mee n lookin in mi mouth, ‘ Oh deer it looks like it is Izzy’s’.

Mee forted dat woods bee dat butts afta da next day ovs eye drops n oinkments in mi eyeball mee hads a check up on Fryday so offed wee wented on da bus to see da Anthony da loverly vet man.


Mee on da bus goin to see Anthony

So wee gotted to da vets n wee wents in, mee gotted a nice froms Anthony ( hims likes mee a lot mee finks cos him always fusses mee ), n him gotted out da eyeball checkin gizmo n peered into mi eyeball n him sayd dat it wos lookin good n to keep usin da drops n oinkment till all goned. Him finks mee cood havs gotted stabbed in da eye bi a bush or bi Hiro’s toenail or somefink likes dat. Den Moomi tolded him abouts da toofer so him looked in mi nom hole n sayd ‘Hmmm yes Izzy has losted a canine n wun ovs her insisors is broked too’ den him hads da cheek to say da mi canines wos short n stubby ( an mee fort him liked mee ) butts Moomi wos nots too worri bouts mi toofers cos dem is all okays . Him sayd it wos probabli cos mee n Hiro has beened doin a lots ovs bitey face playin lately plus lots ovs toy tugs ovs war too. Hiro has reely torted mee how to play, hims is good funs.

Butts oh mi wiskas wots a week !

Mee cant wait fur da weekend cos mi hubster JD is comin to visits us it is most excitamagatin.

So dats all mi nooz mee hopes all mi furiends is fine n dandi

dis is Izzy Queen ovs Da World signin out







  1. Gussie has the same issue wif his eyes and he has to have his medicine forever and ever and so do I..... we hates it.
    stella rose

  2. OMD Izzy you are gonna have an IN THE FURS visit with your hubby JD???THAT is Cool Drool stuffs there... BUTT this eyeball thingy is pretty scary.. and knocking out your teefs is NOT good... You will look like a HOCKEY PLAYER if you don't quit that.
    OMD you wented on a TRAIN? THAT is super.

  3. What a week! We are glad everything is going to be okay though. Those orange eyes would be a big hit on Halloween!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. Oh the dread orange funky stuff - our mom hazta git that sumtimez only herz uzually endz up all yellowish. If she just comez home after her eye doctor vizit then she duzn' worry'boutz it BUTT if she hazta go bak tue werk then she will ask her nice eye doctor tue rinse it out a bit so she won't haf all that yellowish funky stuff in her eye.

    ANYWAYZ - we Beaglebratz shure r happee that your eye iz gittin'better an'the problem wuz not REALLY bad - BTW, guess what? Our mom HAZ had the same problem butt that gotz better then she got sumthin'worse BUTT u won't cuz her eye problemz r way more complicated than what u had. We git tue go on buses tue butt the cabbiez iz way better.
    Agin - ANYWAYZ - we iz so furry much glad u iz gittin'better an'don't lose no more toothemz - gotta haf enuf tue gobble up thoze foodablez. Gotta go take our afternoon napz now.
    Shiloh'n Diva Shasta

  5. Howdy Izzy, phew, glad the eyeball business is sorta ok and hope it heals up quick. Don't worry about the tooth, you got plenty more hehe. Have fun with JD. Maybe he could give you a quick kiss to check out the tooth hehe. Take care little mates. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory


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