Tuesday, 8 April 2014


Bi dis ‘Christian’ School, dems is havin an auction please see da link



Scroll downs to da live auction an looks at da second item to be auctioned off to da higest bidder …………. A PUPPY !!!!

Dem posted its on Facebook n den tooks da post down wen peeple did complain so dem tooked da post down butts peeps were still tellin dem how wrong it was so dem closed da facebook page.

Wee jus so hopes dem changes dere minds abouts sellin offs a puppy to da highest bidder wivs no forts to wether dems a good dog pawson or nots


Pleese feel free to lets da school nose what yoo finks ovs dere stoopid, irrisponsible idea bi peemailing dem



  1. Some Peeps are TOTALLY misguided and sort of INSANE.... Being a religious school.... one would THINK that they would know about...
    Kindness and LOVE and Caring... and being RESPONSIBLE.
    Sadly.... it does NOT seem to be the case. THEY are to be pitied.

  2. WE are tremendously sad about this....and ashamed of those humans.
    stella rose


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